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Wednesday, May 11, 2011 | 6:02 AM | 0 lovee
assalamualaikum... ft hye.. v(^_^)v

hhe...tiak ada karaja ou law sua tiak ada krdt...akuh maw text samma tonot pun tiak dapat...ekna....cak lha kunuk free...argghh...
tapuji btol ou skrg....soma maw guna wet..

btw....tiak ada apa lha..^_^

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HAI , i from my heart . My name is popoy , My age 18 years old, i have 1 hamster . my birth date 22/05/1995 . i just want to say behave with me because i have 2pair screw driver as my hand . bhahahahah
I like so much things dat was clour pink :D !
I'm a pinky gurl && not a piggy gurl !

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